No colouring book? No problem! - Kid's Crafts

Updated: Mar 31

In the increasingly concerning climate, more and more of you are staying home to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe. And to those of you doing this with young kids - hats off to you!

Our new series 'Kids Crafts' is designed to hopefully help you out with some fun and easy activities you can do with children of all ages, and with things you'll already have lying around the house!

Surely by now you're getting to the point where all the stories have been read, all the movies have been watched and all the colouring books have been scribbled in. I will forever stand by the view that creative expression, no matter your age, is a key way to keep your imagination alive and your mind calm. So we shouldn't let this lockdown and the panic buying that ensued inhibit children from the simple joy of expression and developing creative skill.

This week's post will hopefully help you keep the kids engaged in something other than the TV, with things you can find around the house. We're also giving away 30 FREE packs of felt tip pens! If your household is running low on art supplies, or you know someone with children who aren't fortunate enough to be able to prioritise these kind of things in times like these, get in touch with us on Instagram or Facebook to arrange a contactless delivery straight to their door!

For this activity you will need:

  • Colouring pencils or pens

  • Printer

-- Or --

  • Baking Paper

  • Pencil

1. Simple drawing exercises are fun for kids and certainly require a healthy dose of imagination. But if you want to introduce a heavier need for consideration and skills, illustrations require your child to further consider boundaries, colour use and texture. A children's colouring book is just a simple kid's activity to many adults, but in reality when your child uses this type of media, they're learning skills that are applicable to lots of other aspects in life.

Getting hold of a colouring book right now is difficult - believe me I looked everywhere. Sure, you can order a few online. But with prices skyrocketing due to supply and demand, and uncertainty around receiving pay, this is an expense that many can't afford to make right now. So we've taken the time to find a collection of illustrations for children's colouring. You can download these images and print them right at home free of charge.

There are hundreds more of these completely FREE to use at where you can find the perfect pictures for your little artist.

2. No printer? Not a problem. Let me share with you a sneaky little DIY my Mum taught me as a child. Even after 4 years at Art School, I can't flipping draw. So this is the best alternative to purchasing or printing illustrations. You can also get your child to do this part if they have the ability! First, find some kind of media your child likes - a favourite character on a poster, a DVD box or magazine cover for example.

3. Cover the surface of the image with a sheet of baking paper. Use tape to secure it if required.

4. Trace the key lines of the illustration with a regular graphite pencil.

5. Remove the sheet and flip it over onto a plain sheet of paper, so the pencil mark side is face down.

6. Lightly draw over the whole image, so the pencil marks transfer onto the plain paper. You'll be left with a faint outline of the image you traced. To make the image more prominent, you can trace over the new outline with a pen or darker pencil to help better show the boundaries for your little artist.

7. You're good to go!

We hope this post can give you a few hours relief and keep the little ones occupied during all this chaos. If you try out anything from today's post be sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram @ThePaletteNewcastle! We love to see anything creative, especially when it's young minds flaunting their talent.

Stay safe.