Easy Egg Carton Helicopters - Kids Crafts

In the increasingly concerning climate, more and more of you are staying home to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe. And to those of you doing this with young kids - hats off to you!

Our new series 'Kids Crafts' is designed to hopefully help you out with some fun and easy activities you can do with children of all ages, and with things you'll already have lying around the house!

This week we're looking at how we can get creative with random things found around the house, even fun ways to make use of some of our household waste.

Being able to provide creative activities for your kids is great, but given that we're all stuck inside for the foreseeable, we're trying to figure out some ways you can extend the fun!

These little helicopters are a super easy activity, but can also occupy a good amount of time with the decorating process. Then afterwards, it's a make-shift toy the kids can play with because obviously by now they're bored of the THOUSANDS of toys they already have.

For this activity you will need:

Egg Carton

Paints / Felt Tips



Split Pins

Method 1. Cut each of the egg cups from the egg carton, including part of the bridge that connects each cup - this will be the 'tail'. If your little ones are young you might want to do this beforehand.

2. Decorate the helicopter! You can use anything that will colour the cardboard material of the carton, paint or felt tips work best. You could line out the front window to help your child understand the boundaries for colouring here. Encourage them to be creative with the small space; consider patterns and colours.

Tip: If you don't have paints, you can make some makeshift paint by diluting a little food colouring in water.

3. Once the paint is dry, cut two rectangular shapes out of card about 5cm x 1cm to make the propellers. Place the two pieces in an X on top of the helicopter and attach with a split pin. And you're all done!

If you try out this activity, be sure to snap a picture and tag us on Instagram @ThePaletteNewcastle. We love seeing all the creative things you're doing to keep the little ones occupied. Follow us to keep up to date with our giveaways to boost morale during all of this chaos!