About Us.

We are a social enterprise, which means all of our profits are reinvested into our company to help run our community projects.

We will provide arts workshops for multiple disadvantaged groups in the local community. Children from low income households, Foster Children and their Families, New Mums, Isolated Elderly People, people suffering from mental health problems and many more.

"A social enterprise is a commercial organisation that has specific social objectives that serve its primary purpose."

This means that all of the profits we make will be reinvested into funding, and ensuring our continued running of the community workshops we aim to provide.

It also means that while we are a business, and do make profit, money can't be taken out of the pot for bonuses or personal gain - by law! Every penny we earn goes to our lovely local people through our community work.

Meet our Founder

What is a Social Enterprise?

While our unique selling point will be the fantastic cocktail cakes we've developed over the past five months, we will also be providing tasty dishes and drinks. We'll also be offering great deals for locals, students, industry workers and more! And you guessed it - the more profit we make on these items, the more services we can provide. 

This means when you grab that quick coffee on the way to work, or that cheeky slice of cake on your lunch break, or even just a cuppa and a catch up with friends - you will be helping towards building a better community for people who may be less fortunate.

Why art?

Art Therapy is a somewhat unconventional form of therapy that can provide great benefits to many people. Studies have found that people who struggle to express themselves or to express their emotions can greatly benefit from Art Therapy methods because it really doesn't feel like therapy at all.

For some, the stigma surrounding the term 'therapy' can be intrusive and scary. Some people are afraid to admit they need help, while others don't even realise how external factors in their life can impact their mental health or ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.

While The Palette does not provide therapy, some of our workshops are inspired by methods of Art Therapy, meaning a multitude of people from all walks of life can reap the benefits of creative self-expression, personal development and skill building.